Hi, I'm Magdalena

I'm a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Spiritual Coach. Prior to that I had a 10 year Marketing career within the luxury industry.

Kundalini yoga consistently makes me feel great - energised and happy. I want to share that with you from a place which will resonate.


Discover more about my story and why I teach in the video below.





My mission is to help you thrive in all areas of your life. I am here to share tools and knowledge to empower, energise and help liberate you of self imposed limitations so you may live your best life.

I draw from my personal experience, and use powerful, diverse yogic practices to give you the energy and consciousness needed in order to create a life you love. I aim to get you out of your head, teach you how to raise your frequency, shift your perspective and give you a direct experience of what it means to live a joyful and successful life (by unlocking your hidden potential).



The essence of yoga is about an inner experience. And our inner experience creates our outer experience. If we are connected to the core of who we are, we live from a place of authenticity and our environment reflects that by presenting us with experiences, opportunities, relationships which serve our highest evolution - our evolution towards our truest, happiest, most loving self.

Living from a place of authenticity can benefit all areas of your life, regardless of your line of work.

It empowers you, liberates you and therefore allows your true potential to be unlocked and to be used effectively.

But being able to live from a place of authenticity takes radical honesty and commitment to your growth and evolution. It is in my opinion the most rewarding journey to get on, but it does take your active participation. You need to participate in moving your body regularly, in breathing deeply and consciously and in observing how your mind works. The good news is that yoga, and in this case Kundalini Yoga, offers a wonderful framework for us to do so, without having to over intellectualise things. The more we practice, the more we realise our capacity to shift the thoughts and actions which no longer serve. That is extremely empowering and liberating. 

I am here to accompany you on this journey by sharing transformative, fun, diverse and informative practices; by motivating you and inspiring you to elevate your life.

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3 ways to get started together

Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive Online Studio




Elevate your energy, consciousness and overall wellness with a choice of online live or pre-recorded classes and morning routine challenges.


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Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive One-to-One services




Work with me privately to help you clear any blocks, raise your energy and create long lasting positive change in your life. Chose between private classes (in person or online), personal guidance or bespoke daily practice videos.


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Magdalena Gladstone Yoga for Insomnia 40-day Online Course. Yoga for chronic insomnia.




Embark on a transformative and informative 40-day online journey with me to help you heal from insomnia, especially chronic insomnia.


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Claire Seales Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Claire Seales


"I have found the classes with Magda truly transformative in a far greater way than I had anticipated, and they continue to have a positive impact on my daily life.

The classes are certainly challenging and push my boundaries, enabling me to achieve more than I thought I could. And they are also very calming and nurturing. I always come away for the classes feeling positive, energised and calm in equal measures.

Magda is an excellent teacher, and a lovely and genuinely caring person. I thoroughly enjoy Magda’s classes and I would highly recommend them."

Cheryl Ferguson Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Cheryl Ferguson


Kundalini yoga is like nothing I have ever experienced before, there is so many different elements to it and no class is ever the same, I find there’s always something new to learn and benefit from. The class can be quite challenging but a great sense of achievement is reached at the end of the practice and leaves you feeling refreshed, energised and calm. Since starting at the beginning of the year it has also made me feel stronger both mentally and physically.

Magda is a wonderful teacher who is very passionate about the practice and clearly explains and demonstrates the exercises and also informs the class of the benefits of doing them which I always find fascinating. I highly recommend this class.

Rose McCarthy Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Rose McCarthy


“Magda is lovely and welcoming, she is so knowledgeable and shares this with her students so you know exactly what and why you are doing the movements and what benefits you may gain. She remains calm and nurturing at all times, giving clear and precise detailed instructions. Have no conceived ideas of what Kundalini Yoga is and go with it! It can be hard and tough going but this only strengthens you to face the world and the challenges that it brings. I started in January 2020 and just love it and hope you give it a try - well a few really!! I feel empowered and more at peace with myself which has enabled me to deal with others on a calmer level.. I can only say thank you to Magda for her love, caring and patience!” 

Xavier Gallart-Palau


"I met Magda for the first time in an amazing yoga workshop a few years back. She introduced me in this workshop for the first time to the world of Kundalini yoga and its outstanding benefits. Later on I joined her classes and I could experience several positive changes in myself at different levels as a result of the practice. Magda is an exceptional yoga trainer that makes you live yoga and obtain its benefits as a whole and beyond its physical or its mental approaches. Thank you, Magda, for sharing your yoga passion and this gift that you possess with us."

Marzanna Brooks Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Marzanna Brooks


”I found out about Magda from a friend. Magda offers great flexibility for new people and this encouraged me to give it a go. I had already tried kundalini yoga somewhere else, some years ago, but back then it was not what I was looking for.

After being part of Magda's classes, I think I sleep better, feel stronger physically and I am more resilient emotionally. I look forward to each session, partially because I am curious about what will happen.

I am so grateful that I had the courage to try Magda’s classes.

Sharon Robinson


I had never tried yoga before as I am not very flexible and thought this would prevent me from doing most of the moves. Magda invited me to her class and, with her encouragement, I have been surprised at how much I can do. She always provides alternatives for me and tells me to go as far as my body will let me. Magda is very knowledgeable about Kundalini yoga, her enthusiasm shines through and is very inspirational.” 

"Unless we come from a place within us that is authentic and energetically elevated, our interactions with others and life is only a series of reactions and projections. Reactions are simply re-actions of more of the past. Projections are narrow interpretations based on what our subconscious mind has been programmed to believe. It is within our power to change that and to come from a place where instead we choose higher thoughts and higher actions. Thoughts and actions which are actually conscious choices and which therefore create the reality that we long for. For that to happen, we simply need the tools to recognise that neutral, conscious space within us."

- Magdalena Gladstone

Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive - Kundalini Yoga and Meditation - Yoga for Insomnia


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