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Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive Online Studio




Elevate your energy, consciousness and overall wellness with a choice of online live or pre-recorded classes and morning routine challenges.


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Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive One-to-One classes and mentoring




Work with me privately to help you clear any blocks, raise your energy and create long lasting positive change in your life. Chose between private classes (in person or online), personal guidance or bespoke daily practice videos.


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Magdalena Gladstone Yoga for Insomnia 40-day online course - Yoga for Chronic Insomnia




Embark on a transformative and informative 40-day online journey with me to help you heal from insomnia, especially chronic insomnia.


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Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive Workshops and Events




Get together in community, online and in-person. Celebrate key moments, dive deeper into themes and practices. Workshops and events are wonderful opportunities to expand the scope of your practice or discover new aspects of it.


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Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive Workshops and Events




Join in-person group classes in Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes and surrounding areas for the thrill of raising our energy and consciousness together as a group.
Classes are available to all levels. No previous experience required.


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After a 10 year Marketing career within the luxury industry, Magdalena brings her understanding of living a fast pace life within our modern society, together with her qualifications as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Spiritual Coach, as well as years of personal experience overcoming insomnia, panic attacks and an overall sense of disconnection and stagnation.

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Rebecca Moore Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Rebecca Moore


“My private session with Magda provided the guidance and assurance I needed to step further into my purpose. So many beautiful truths were illuminated for me during the numerology reading. I left the session with a greater understanding of who I am, what I am here to do, and what I need to work through. The daily practice she designed specially for me has really transformed the way I experience life”

Philippa Devas Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Philippa Devas


"Magda is an inspirational teacher of Kundalini Yoga.  Having been to her classes and joined her morning Meditation practice, her radiance and passion for Kundalini yoga shines through and she explains the kriyas and the reasons for doing them extremely well.  Magda’s classes are wonderful - afterwards my spirits are lifted and I feel energised after the experience. I highly recommend Magda’s Kundalini classes - she is a gifted and inspiring teacher."

Lucy French Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Lucy French


"I wholeheartedly recommend Magda's classes. Magda’s energy is warm, positive and friendly and she creates a super welcoming vibe. She is knowledgeable in her approach to teaching, takes time and care to explain why we are doing the things we are. The class environment is positive, safe and full of like-minded people and I always feel great both in and after class.
I ALWAYS feel the effects of my practice and am truly hooked on Kundalini!"

Philippa Devas Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Stephane Euzen


"Magda has been instrumental in me opening up to a completely new level spiritually including Kundalini. She has a gift for sharing her knowledge and making it accessible to everyone. Her classes combined a fantastic balance between physical and spiritual engagement and always knows how to get you to go that little bit further on both levels. She also radiates warm positive energy'."

Lucy French Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Lauren Lovatt


"I discovered Magda’s practice after joining a workshop then signed up to the weekly courses and was ready for a totally personalised practice in addition. Magda brings great wisdom and creativity, as well as her cheeky grin, to her yoga which is such a relatable and magical way to practice kundalini. Going through my own numerology was such an enlightening experience and the practice Magda created from that information was filled with so much heart. Now this practice is the thing I go back to always, I may loose it for a while but when I remember the power of the moves and Magda’s energy it brings me back to me. This is a the practice i never knew I needed, thank you Magda."

Rebecca Moore Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Effele Raposo


I tried several yoga sessions in the past, and never really got into it, and then, one day, I decided to give it a try at Kundalini yoga with Magda, without really knowing what to expect to be honest…

Well, it made all the difference!

Not only the type of yoga but I think the magic comes on how Magda brings it to light with all the love and positive energy she brings along the class and the way she guides people. I love the diversity of the classes, from: meditations, breathing exercises, postures etc. all along with beautiful music and guidance. Magda explains you the benefits of each class and exercises, which give you understanding but also allows you a certain autonomy if you want to apply by yourself on daily basis. I tried group classes but also, private class, which is great if you wish to focus on specific areas. Magda is really a kind-hearted, and warm soul and she also pushes your boundaries which leads you to a sense of achievement and well-being. You can totally have a tailor-made unique practice based on your individual need which is a wonderful. I am not the most “constant” student for yoga classes, but when I think about yoga, I think Magda, simply because she brings it to another level… but to get that, it’s about giving it a shot."

Philippa Devas Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Maria-Fernanda Marquez


"I met Magda on the magical island of Naxos through what I know to be divine orchestration. Her smile conveys so much  joy and warmth that I felt an immediate connection to her. We bonded and she invited me to practice with her the next day.

After practicing together for my first time ever, something in me shifted. It has now been over a year since my first class and my commitment and love for this practice grows every day.

What I enjoy the most about practicing with Magda is that she provides a safe container where I feel challenged and encouraged to go beyond my self imposed limitations.  This journey is helping me to open my heart fully, honor my authenticity, trust the teacher within me, and shine my light brightly. 

Magda is my teacher, my friend, my soul sister and I am beyond grateful to be part of this tribe that she is bringing together through her love of Kundalini."

Lucy French Testimonial Magdalena Gladstone Yoga to Thrive

Tricia Lamont


"To try to put into words how Magda's energy and classes have nurtured, energised, guided me through times of internal struggle and enabled me to unbecome who I am is tough - as since meeting Magda and discovering Kundalini I have encountered the most amazing life changing experiences and growth.

Magda has taught me how to hold and love myself through the dark and light, for which I will be eternally grateful for. It is a continuous personal journey that I am forever blessed to be on.
Magda's classes are informative, for all levels, varied and I look forward to every single class. Kundalini is a new love, light and routine for me.
I will never forget walking into my first class with Magda, the energy she offers to all is electric and so giving - my very first experience of Kundalini - it will stay with me forever.

Thank you for visiting. I leave you with some of my favourite quotes.

May they inspire you on your journey.

Sat Nam & Namaste.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

Carl G. Jung

"We are not hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of our lives."

Joe Dispenza

"Perhaps the greatest turning point in a person’s life is the realisation of the existence of the inner life. We are so often caught in the drama of our external lives that we neglect the greater part of our being. Like the iceberg, our true worth lies hidden beneath the surface."

Richard Rudd

"It is a simple truth that if we identify ourselves as being fundamentaly pure, strong, and capable we will actually develop these qualities, but if we continue to think of ourselves as dull and foolish, that is what we will become."

Lama Yeshe

"We each possess within ourselves not only the answer to our own problems but the potential to live our lives on a much higher level than we currently imagine possible."

Jon Landaw

"If you want to know your past, look at your present life. If you want to know your future, look at your present mind."

Buddhist teachings

"Spiritual understanding is a corrective to any false programming you might have received as a child."

Marianne Williamson

"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Mark Twain

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion."


"Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled."

Wayne Dyer